Build your town with a Blocky AR Game coming soon on your mobile!

Early testing now available:

Multiplayer Update

Bluestone Update

Demo video


In Townbuilders, collect blocks from the map and build anywhere in multiplayer. The blocks you place are visible for everyone in-game!

Townbuilders is like a world-scale Minecraft server with build anchored to the real world.


In the coming months, Townbuilder will receive updates focusing on

- player experience (smoother UI, in-game tutorial)

- content (blocks and entities)

- interactions (between players, entities, loots)

Project info

This project is inspired by Minecraft Earth and aims to bring the feel of the Minecraft Earth trailer to reality.

It started in january 2023 with a simple demo presented at the ARCore Geospatial API Challenge.

And it is now available on both Android and iOS since january 2024 for early testing.